• PROACTIVE – you don’t need to be told what to do. In fact, all you need is a project details, and you know EXACTLY what needs to be done.
  • NO EXCUSES—you are someone who doesn’t waste time giving excuses. You are someone who sees the problems, and moves past it.
  • Damn good communicator – you understand how to speak with people in a non-condescending way, but can still be a hard ass if and when the situation calls.
  • Superb Listener – you can comprehend just as well as you speak AND believe that listening is just as important as speaking.
  • Patience – high level of patience, or the ability to control and keep your temper under wraps…whatever comes first.
  • Compassionate – you are not a robot. You understand human emotions, feelings, thoughts, tendencies and know how to work it.
  • Firm believer that TIME IS MONEY – and wasting it by engaging in company politics, writing unnecessarily long emails, and focusing on minute details is a horrible waste of time. Yet, you also understand the delicate balance of healthy socialization and when not to squash friendly conversations that boost morale.

Web Project Manager

Efficient Project Managers are tiny diamonds in the rough buried in the sands of time. If they were embodied in a character in House of Cards, they’d be the Majority Whip, practicing ruthless pragmatism in the sole goal and spirit of ‘getting it done,’ and ‘getting it done right the first time’. They are the cheerleaders of the team, being aggressive where appropriate, providing defense where necessary, and most importantly, keeping their team excited and amped about what they’re building.

All development teams have their ups and downs…which means that Project Managers are also therapists who can listen exceptionally well, and can read between the lines of what is being said and not said, and can neutralize any situation back to harmony.

Simply put, Project Managers know everything. If they don’t know, they learn. If they know something is wrong, they make it right. If they know something is good, they make it better. They are loyal to budgets, and masters of keeping the schedule.

We are looking for such a star, and will not settle for less. If you don’t meet EVERY SINGLE requirement below, do not bother wasting your time (and ours) applying.

We’re not only looking for the person with the right background, but the right personality to succeed and be an integral part of our tightly knit development team. This is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the experience.

If you don’t fit the mold above, we encourage you to look elsewhere because you will not be happy working here.

If you are accepted, the returns are great: Competitive salary, 401k, Full benefits, and a very challenging and rewarding career that recognizes great work.

Technical & Experience REQUIREMENTS

  • Web Tech Saavy – You are intimately knowledgeable with WordPress, you don’t need to code, but you WILL understand the various web languages and which is used for what. If you don’t know Word Press, DO NOT APPLY.
  • INTEGRATIONS EXPERIENCE – You have had experience managing the integrations of 3rd party plugins and extensions into WordPress
  • Web Design Saavy – You understand design and can easily decipher what is good and what is bad and what can be improved
  • UX Devotee – it’s all about the USER EXPERIENCE. You must know the best practices and the principles.
  • UI – You get this. You think about buttons and placement. You understand the button theories, and control panel best practices. You understand and love to look at site maps.
  • Damn good writer – and a concise one at that. If you’re someone that needs to write an essay for every little detail, DON’T APPLY. We need concise and clear project managers.
  • AGILE/SCRUM Advocate – You get this. You believe in this. You have used other PM methodologies and prefer this one the MOST. You make sure everything goes through the workflow. If you have used JIRA, it is a huge plus
  • AT LEAST 2 Years of Experience working with OVERSEAS teams. If you have no experience with this, DO NOT APPLY. Seriously
  • At LEAST 5 years working as the Lead Project Manager for web or software development teams of 5 or more.
  • SUCCESSFULLY Executed at least 3 projects (web or software). No Exceptions